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What's on offer?

~ Wheelchairs and Scooters ~

A choice of two types of electric scooter, both at £4 per day or £25 per week:-
1. Electric scooters that are small, simple to use, and lightweight for ease of transport.

They can easily be taken apart:-









2. Electric Scooters that are a bit larger and very robust for use in a variety of situations. Still simple to use but a little less convenient to transport unless you have plenty of space and a ramp.








Both types of electric scooter are comfortable, ideal for shopping, longer trips out (up to 15 miles range) or holidays. 


In addition to the scooters, we have....

Manual wheelchairs at £3 per day or £15 per week:-
These are lightweight and comfortable too. There are many different types to choose from.

Some can be self-propelled using your hands and arms or managed/pushed along by a friend or helper. 

Wheelchairs with a leg rest can also be hired at £4 per day or £18 per week.

Wheelchairs vary in size and can be folded up easily for loading into a vehicle or for storing.

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